Sssss...Red Chamber is hot, steamy hot!
Whether it is fast and furious stringband music, the sultry beauty of Imperial Court classics, or cutting edge contemporary creations, Red Chamber's fiery passion embodies every note.


Canada’s Red Chamber features four virtuosic performers that have collectively become an innovative powerhouse in the international music scene, with concert tours from Europe’s top concert halls to Asia’s premiere International festivals. Red Chamber takes its inspiration from the rare traditional Chinese "Plucked String" repertoire to present a captivatingly unique program embracing string band music spanning centuries, a host of world cultures, and a myriad of musical genres. Consummate performers, their superb virtuosity is exemplified in performances of ancient Chinese Court music from the Tang Dynasty (618-907), to contemporary Canadian compositions, and an intriguing range of other works including Balkan, Gypsy jazz, American Old-Timey and Bluegrass.

The quartet is led by Mei Han, celebrated for making the Chinese zither whisper and growl, is heralded as the “Zheng Master” (Montreal Gazette). She is joined by Guilian Liu, internationally recognized as one of the world’s premiere pipa (Chinese lute) players, Zhimin Yu, established as the only ruan (bass lute) virtuoso in North America, and award-winning multi-instrumentalist, Geling Jiang. All born in China, Red Chamber collectively have personal stories that include Isaac Stern, Herbert von Karajan, Seiji Ozawa and numerous heads of state.

This outstanding ensemble of seasoned international performers is constantly stretching the boundaries of traditional Chinese instruments, bringing them to the world stage to perform music at its finest. With dazzling technique, alluring presentations, and exceptional musical experiences that heed no limits, Red Chamber’s concerts are absolutely not to be missed!

The press has commented that with Red Chamber “Chinese music has never been so exciting and scintillating, with passion power, and sheer energy” (Moors Magazine, Holland), and that “these virtuosic performers set the stage on fire with hot licks, power and passion” (CBC Radio, Canada), and as “top instrumentalists with an adventurous approach to music that includes a mix of Chinese music with American bluegrass and Eastern European sounds” (World Music Central.com).

Red Chamber’s first CD  “Redgrass” fostered a viral video of the same name with Bluegrass mandolin luminary John Reischman that became a Youtube hit. Their second CD “Gathering” was compared to the those of the Chieftains and became #1 on the College Radio Circuit , and their third CD “Classical and Contemporary Chinese Music” on the ARC Label became top ten in Europe and won them a Best World nomination by Songlines Magazine. They support their releases with tours throughout North America, Europe and Asia to the world’s most prestigious stages and festivals.

Simply put, Red Chamber has redefined Chinese music, and clearly brought it to the 21st Century.

EUROPE: Red Orange [www.redorange.org.uk], info -AT- redorange.org.uk
WORLD: HMR3 Productions: asza -AT- asza.com


Red Chamber's musicians red-hot sexy, red-hot accomplished - Georgia Straight


Red Chamber

DRR 1. Dark Red Ruby
Dao 2. Dao Chuilian
MR 3. Madly Riding
PB 4. Peng Baban
BRR 5. Bright Red Ruby
Liu 6. Liubeng
Africa 7. A Dream of Africa
SD 8. Step Dancer's Medley
AHYA 9. Ah Ya Zein
Yao 10. Dance of the Yao People
Girls 1. Girls Picking Flowers
Qing 2. Qing Bei Yue
SSWS 3. Sunny Spring and White Snow
16 4. Sixteen Variations
16 5. Spring at Heavenly Mountain
PL 6. Pink Lotus in Many Modes
GANK 7. Gankino Horo
DJ 8. Datun Jelut
NS 9. The North Shore
KH 10. Katy Hill