"Magnificent!" Wholenote Magazine "Tour de Force!" Far Eastern Audio Review

"Hyper-aware, keenly disciplined and finely etched, Han floats seemingly
without strain from one musical tradition to another."
Signal to Noise

The Mei Han Art Ensemble brings together the world’s top artists in diverse fields to create dynamic combinations of sounds, styles, and music. All at the peak of their careers, these artists create radically new forms of music that has won them international acclaim. Spanning multiple musical genrs, the Mei Han Art Ensemble has toured throughout China, Europe and North America including prominent Jazz, New Music, and Chamber Music festivals.

Mei Han - Since coming to the West Mei Han has quickly become known internationally as a groundbreaking virtuoso propelling the Chinese zheng into radical new dimensions of musical expression. Performing in the classical, jazz, world music, and new music genres, Han has toured to the world’s top stages on five continents, and worked with the world’s top artists.

Hongmei Yu - Canargie Hall to Shanghai, Germany to Macau, Hongmei has brought the erhu to thousand of new ears around the world. With 14 albums and numerous awards to her credit she continues to look for new musical horizons to explore.

Coat Cooke - One of Canada’s most lyrical and inventive improvisors and composers for the flute and saxophone, and the founder and artistic director of Vancouver’s renowned NOW Orchestra. He has toured internationally, collaboratiing with George Lewis, Wadada Leo Smith, Roscoe Mitchell, Butch Morris, Marilyn Crispell and Oliver Lake.

Mark McGregor - With credits that range from violinist Dmitri Sitkovetsky, to the Icelandic pop star Björk, flautist Mark McGregor is described in the press as “mind-blowing", “verging on the superhuman,” with “huge physical energy.” He has performed in festivals and music series throughout Canada, Europe, Australia and Israel.

Paul Plimley - One of Canada’s most innovative pianists, he has performed with many of the world’s top creative jazz artists in Europe and North America, including Henry Kaiser, Barry Guy and Leo Smith.

Randy Raine-Reusch - A virtuoso on numerous unique instruments, he has performed in over twenty-one different countries in the jazz, world music and contemporary classical genres, with many top artists including Pauline Oliveros, Cirque du Soleil and Rock superstars Aerosmith and Yes.

mei han
Mei Han

Hongmei Yu

coate cook
Coat Cooke

Mark McGregor

Paul Plimley
Paul Plimley

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