R&B World Jazz Funk
From China to the World

Canada’s RC World combines R&B, world, jazz and funk music, mixing cultures, sounds, grooves, and instruments into a unique dynamic performance. Concert travel from the from ancient Chinese Tang court, to music of the Yao people of Southern China, to Longhouse dances of Northern Borneo, and echoes of Kenya with the island groove of the Caribbean and Pacific. Led by Chinese zheng legend Mei Han, RC World features Chinese TV songstress ZiZi, Canadian extreme  instrumentalist Randy Raine-Reusch, the African soul of Yoro Noukousi, the deep bass grooves of Matt Reid, the funk of Downtown Richard Brown on drums, the soaring guitar of Cyler Biller, and the master keys Jonny Tobin.

From the Shanghai International Arts Festival to China’s top TV shows and stages from asia and around the globe, RC World brings a powerful new sound to the world scene.


RC World completely overwhelmed the audience - Shanghai International Arts Festival

A collission of tradition and modern, a rare musical feast! - Central Conservatory of Music, China





RC World is booked through the Red Chamber Cultural Society
asza at asza dot com